Poetry by Roger Weaver

Writing Prompts For Poetry

l. You have your favorite person all to yourself on a wonderful day. Describe how you would like to spend the day, including favorite foods, walks, or places to sit and talk, for example, and then tighten the list up so you can present this writing as a gift to someone. Perhaps you would like to make this a list poem, each line spelling out a different activity. As such, it would make a free verse poem, unless of course, you wanted it to have a certain number of accented syllables per line, or rhymed it, in which case it would be a traditional poem.

2. Tell your most fantastic lie in a brief story, and in very few paragraphs. This is an example of a prose poem.

3. In his Autobiography the poet Yeats said romantic poets were either sea poets or tree poets. Think about your favorite place to be alone. Is it in the woods or at the seashore? Describe it as purely and pristinely as you can, implying your feelings in the way you describe the place.

4. Write a poem in which you list all the things that matter most to you. Rupert Brooke did this in a poem he called “The Great Lover,” a poem worth the hunt to find. But this
is YOUR love poem to the world, and I suggest you write yours before reading his.

5. Take a favorite painting or sculpture as your subject and write about it. Tell the story of the person or thing in the art work which fascinates you.