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To Topos is an annual international poetry anthology founded in 1997, and continuing to the present. The ISSN number is 1091-6636.

- 1997 issue:
   (general theme, introductory issue)
- 1998 issue:
   (hunger and repression theme)
- 1999 issue:
   (poetry in translation theme)
- 2002 issue:
   (incarceration theme)
- 2003 issue:
   (pacifica: peace and the sea theme)
- 2004 issue:
   (forests within and without theme)
   Forests Poetry
- 2005 issue:
   (North African Voices)
   North African Poetry
- Fall 2006 issue:
   (Ahani: Indigenous American Poetry)
   Ahani: Indigenous American Poetry
- Winter 2006 issue:
   (Contemporary Hungarian Poetry)
   Contemporary Hungarian Poetry
- Fall 2008 issue:
   (Poverty and Poetry)
   Poverty and Poetry
- Winter 2010 issue:
   (Turkish Poetry)
   Turkish Poetry

Books by Roger Weaver

Price: $12.

"The Ladder of Desire," by Roger Weaver,
33 pages, 36 poems, perfect-bound paperback, Leonard Cirino, publisher, Pygmy Forest Press, Springfield, OR, 2006 ISBN:0-94455074-6.
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Standing on Earth, Throwing These Sequins at the Stars; A Handbook for Poets
Price: $15.
Standing on Earth, Throwing These Sequins at the Stars; A Handbook for Poets. Roger Weaver, author.

Copyright 2003, Poetry Enterprises, 55 pages.

ISBN# 0-9666215-5-7.

The result of forty years of teaching poetry and poetry writing at Oregon State University, "Standing..." offers insights, poem prompts and the terminology basic to understanding the three main types of poetry, plus a poet's genealogy, and a glossary with not only the standards for writing forms which have emerged historically such as the sonnet and the sestina, but also words like "duende," as defined by Lorca, and "Negative Capability," as defined by Keats in a letter to his brother.

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Reading the Stones; New and Selected Poems
Price: $15
Roger Weaver, author.

Poetry Enterprises, publisher, 2003.

ISBN # 0-9666215-2-2.

83 pages, paperback.

Designed by John Laursen of Press-22, Portland, and with each poem selected by editors and the author, the book takes as its theme experiences gleaned from travels, including Greece where the author had a house for eleven years.

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Price: $15
"Traveling on the Great Wheel," poetry by Roger Weaver

Gardyloo Press, publisher, 1990.

ISBN # 0-9625670-0-0

"I have always enjoyed the freshness and straightforwardness of Roger Weaver's poems, and the quality of lucid surprise that's to be found in such new pieces as "Always Arriving" and "White the Azaleas Didn't Say.""
-Richard Wilbur

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"The Orange and Other Poems," by Roger Weaver.

Press-22, Portland, 1978.

These odes celebrate life's simple pleasures in foods such as fruits.
These are offset by poems which register loss and grief.

Currently out of print

"Twenty-One Waking Dreams, by Roger Weaver.

Trout Creek Press, Parkdale, OR, 1985.

ISBN # 0-916155-01-3

Poems which bridge the dream states of sleep and waking reality.

Currently out of print

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